Anchored on the hill of Carthage, in a mythology experienced daily in the heart of the archaeological park, Villa Didon opens its new destiny.
Hotel mythical, reborn to new life in a thoroughly modern concept, he does not forget the murmur of ancient stones. They tell that in ancient times, at the beginning of last century, it was called Hotel St. Louis, named after the nearby cathedral.
Small colonial-style hotel, he lived many lives, with various pleasures but was always the place where beats the heart of the queen city.

Poets, historians and aesthetes were looking for serenity and calm the evocative power he exuded. Night owls haunted time “Caves du Roy” which he made a center of Carthaginian nights. Curious gastronomes and frequented its tables for dinners Carthaginian who worked out there, faithful to ancient recipes. Then he closed his door and waited for a new destiny.

The “Observatory” designed custom lighting, designing spaces and different atmospheres.
Koraïchi Rashid was invited to put his touch: he led the sumptuous lobby of silk banners in the colors of four seasons, and the terraces punctuated “Zen” interspersed with calligraphy restoring headstones reinvented esoteric signs and recomposed.

Villa Didon whole is set in a garden that combines Carthaginian suspended construction processes antique and contemporary, and for which we chose species that flourished in the ancient Carthage: olive, palm, cypress trees, vineyards, orange, lavender and bougainvillea. Adjoining the archaeological park is the natural continuity.